We are a commercial free audio stream and that means that all the expense of bringing you the best music from the 80s is handled by us.  unfortunately we just can't afford to do it any longer without your help! So, Fun101Retro 80s is listener supported... and we LOVE you for that!

If Fun101Retro80s fills even a tiny little bit of that 80s shaped hole in your heart, and would like to help keep the station running and the website on the webs we could use your help. 100% of donations will go to keeping Fun101 awesome!. Thanks!!!!


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If you're a fan of Eighties music and Pop Culture, you can't get 80s flavored radio or TV like you could even a few few years ago. And that leaves fans of the 80s with maybe one or two songs an hour at those few mainstream stations that still play a bit of the music we like. That's why I created Fun 101. it's Retro Radio and ALL the BEST songs of the '80s...

A wide range of popular music from the Decade of Excess!

We start with the radio hits from each year of the '80s, Then add in the songs you know from all the hours you spent watching MTV, and finally sprinkle in music from the best movies and concerts from the Eighties. After all that, we spill in info & flavor from all your favorite '80s stuff. Here at Fun 101 we have just one Goal: To bring a smile to your face! So if you like what you see here at fun101retro80s.com, tell your friends, like us on facebook, twitter the hell out of us... we're not proud. We'll take all the love we can get.


Mike Woodard, G.I.C. @FUN101 (A subsidiary of MicAtTheMic Industries)